Friday , September 30 2022

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September, 2022

  • 18 September

    How would a game support the empowerment of women and girls?

    The Family Man is a game about the adventures of a family consisting of father, mother, elder daughter, elder and young sons and baby girl. The game is designed for men and progresses as the father character makes choices that shape the life of the family members. The person playing ...


August, 2022

July, 2022

  • 29 July

    Women are meeting in the digital neighborhood!

    Women are meeting in the digital neighborhood! Come be a part of the neighborhood. An application made for women A safe place for women to socialize and access accurate information Information about legal rights, health and education are here Can be downloaded for free on your phones With Turkish and ...

  • 29 July

    ToTs of our ‘Women Write Beautiful Stories’ Project Started

    We have developed a tool consisting of a set of materials that will enable the transfer of information from woman to woman on violence against women. We aim that the NGO employees, municipal employees and volunteers working with women, to implement this tool in their own work or with small ...

  • 29 July

    We Are Writing Beautiful Stories With Women

    Most women in Turkey know about their legal rights against violence but do not use them. We set out to make a project with women where we will talk about the legal rights/sanctions against violence and the conditions under which they can be used. Thus, we wanted to create an ...


June, 2022

  • 24 June

    Newsletter / June 2022 / Women’s Neighborhood Meeting Its Residents

    Women’s Neighborhood Meeting Its Residents There is a new safe space for women We have developed a phone application where women can meet remotely and access information. Women’s Neighborhood is a safe space where accurate information is regularly updated, where women can socialize and where the work of the Women’s ...

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