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Volunteering is the self awareness and a choice at the start. Despite the necessities It is a preference that enables one to learn, to discover, to create solutions with the people who has a similar view of life and to leave a mark with the things that one does.

It is to share ones skills and resources.

Mavi Kalem enables its volunteers in expression, discipline at work, scheduling, taking initiative, decision making, troubleshooting, meeting and working with new people.


If you want to join and support our work;

  • You can volunteer in our projects.
  • You can mediate new volunteers to join.
  • You can support our office work (record keeping, advertising, field research, reporting, Project development, etc.)
  • You can support us with material donations;

To be volunteer in Mavi Kalem you can reach us by sending a message titled “Volunteering” in the  “Contact Us” page. We will contact and invite you to “Volunteer Orientation Meeting” as soon as possible




Asta Buceviciute – EVS Volunteer (October.4. 2013- August.4.2014) I worked for 9 months in Mavi Kalem; I met new people, learned a new language, shared and gain new skills. I am completely sure, i will never forget and always with a smile remember these 9 months. Good luck Mavi Kalem.