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Women disaster survivors regain their jobs: 44 women received the tools they required

Among the activities we have been carrying out in Hatay for a year is a project called “Women Build Their Business”, which we have been implementing for the economic empowerment of disaster-stricken women and their access to income. We support women who want to re-establish the business they lost after the earthquake or improve the business they have established with their own efforts by providing them with the most basic tools and materials they need for this purpose. So far, we have provided 44 women with tools and materials to establish/develop their businesses.

Before the earthquake, Ms Derya made a living by sewing curtains for suppliers, but the companies she worked for collapsed after the earthquake. Since she did not have her own machines, she could not continue her tailoring business at home. We supported her by providing her with the automatic sewing machine and ironing board she needed. Ms Derya shared her feelings with us as follows:

“I received support from you at a time when I really needed a job. I was in a very tight situation. I had given up everything until yesterday, I was very tired. I was very touched when I saw your support. There was a lot of demand for work. I want to start as soon as possible. You have added colour to our lives, thank you for your efforts. You touch many people like me. Thank you very much.”

Mrs. Sevgi, who made a living by opening a beauty centre after the earthquake, was in need of hairdressing materials and furniture. We provided her with materials such as hairdresser’s chair, mirror with shelves, hair washing chair and washbasin. Upon this, she stated the following:

“For the first time, my application was finalised positively. I was very happy. Thanks to your support, the number of customers coming to my shop increased. It relieved me to pay off my debts. It was a very good opportunity to provide a good future for my children.”

You can access all the activities carried out by MaviKalem in Hatay in the MaviKalem Hatay Document published in February.



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