Friday , February 3 2023
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Digitalization in Women’s Studies Workshop

We have organized a workshop on Digitalization in Women’s Studies which we have been meticulously planning for a long while. We gathered to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of our rapidly changing working styles and habits incidental to the Covid-19 pandemic, the difficulties and conveniences that these changes brought to ...


The Language of Children’s Pictures

Our online activities continue. Every week, we gather with children with certain themes. In our previous activities, we observed that children were able to express themselves more easily by painting. In the Colored Paints activity, children expressed their feelings by drawing pictures about a living thing, person, or object that ...


Girls Get Empowered, The World Changes

As a result of Turkey, Canada and Peru’s application to the United Nations on October 11, 2012, the International Day of the Girl Child was declared. International Day of the Girl Child aims to highlight the importance of preventing discrimination against girls and their empowerment and full and effective enjoyment ...