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Code of Conduct



This code of conduct is prepared considering Mavi Kalem’s work areas and objectives.

It covers all employees, volunteers or fee-earners taking place within Mavi Kalem.

It also covers the principles to be considered in terms of organizations and individuals to work together when collaboration is made as well as when consultancy and expert support is taken.

Mavi Kalem’s working areas:

  • Women: women’s health, health rights, women’s human rights, struggling with sexism, violence and discrimination
  • Children: supporting children’s education, children’s rights, empowerment of children
  • Disaster and Emergency Situation: to popularize and to enhance the intervention standards of International Disaster and Emergency Situtation, and to support the population who are affected by the crisis efficiently and the reach of aid.

Mavi Kalem takes the principles of humanitarian aid as basis; Humanity, not to discriminate, independence and impartiality. In the works made in all of these three respects, it is important that the performers and planners are people have information about universal values and rights as well as they are the people who realize in their lives,too. This sistuation will both increase the effectiveness of the programs and will constitute a model to the beneficiaries, and to the coprorations and organizations where the information is shared.

For example, effective results cannot be taken from the studies of implemented by those who commits violence themselves while trying to work against violence, and those who who use sexist language themselves while trying to work against sexism. International rights-based agreements and declarations were considered as resources.

Mavi Kalem’s Code of Conduct:

  • Every implementer working in Mavi Kalem should have”exemplary” behavior in terms of sense of work.
  • Mavi Kalem employees does not discriminate, they do not commit violence to each other and beneficiaries.
  • They do not use sexist language, sexist jokes and behaviors are not made.
  • Swearing and slang language is not used in communication.
  • Both in the internal communications with implementation team and in communication with the beneficiaries, giving names, personalized criticism, humiliation, blame, judgment, harassment, behaviors and styles including sexual abuse are not performed.
  • Grievances of the beneficiaries never cause to establish vertical communication with the consideration of “making a favor”. In each study, universal human rights and the principle of equality are taken into consideration.
  • The beneficiaries, who were communicated with Mavi Kalem identity cannot be included in another studies without corporate decision and without taking approval of beneficiaries and their details cannot be shared.
  • The persons involved in the studies performed in Mavi Kalem cannot share any photos, video recordings without corporate decision and without taking approval of beneficiaries.
  • In each study to be performed with children below 18 years of age,written permission is taken from their parents.
  • In each study, which the beneficiaries will participate in; The purpose of work, how to apply, expectations from them and the possible consequences are stated.
  • Privacy of the beneficiaries and employees is protected.
  • Unlawful proposals cannot be brought forward and such behaviors are unacceptable.
  • Mavi Kalem workers cannot production and distribution of pornography, cannot use and distribution of drugs.
  • Children cannot be abused in any way, or cannot be misused. It is forbidden to have sexual relations with persons under 18 years of age.
  • Any bribes or gifts cannot be accepted against any study (except small thanking symbols) and cannot be given.
  • Corporate correspondences and documents cannot be disclosed and shared without the decision of the relevant committee
  • The materials produced by the beneficiaries cannot be used for other purposes without their permission outside of project objectives.
  • The materials and equipment and supplies used in this studies and in the Office are used by protecting and they are left ready for reuse.

Codes of conduct list consists of 18 items. November 2015