Saturday , June 15 2024
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Volunteering According to Mavi Kalem

On the one side there is work, school and daily routines which consume our hours, on the other side we want to enjoy other activities. There is a whole world where we could learn through our experiences and share knowledge such as arts, sports and social activities. Mavi Kalem is the place where we could actually volunteer without any obligation and feel good about what we do.

Mavi Kalem is here; asking for another world and its wealth is built up by sharing, solidarity and helping each other.

Being a volunteer at Mavi Kalem is a step towards sharing our knowledge and skills, supporting and relying on each other when we face hardship and problems, mutual learning and recognizing experience, and building communication and relationship on a therapeutic ground. This experience may lead us to perceive our lives from a different perspective, to slow down and see details where we may not have time to think nor sense in this accelerated world.

We work with children, women, youth and disaster stricken people and even with the living creatures we share the world although it is not written in our rules. This synergy necessitates interactive learning and having fun with children or helping a cat survive, sometimes confiding in a woman’s troubles, sharing knowledge or claiming for our rights together, sometimes pulling together with the victims of disaster, rebuilding their lives and sometimes leading young people to have a space to get organized under a common cause.

Supporting someone, whose life will improve with our help, is a kind of behavior all of us experience all the time. However, in Mavi Kalem we share, plan and find the ways to put it in action with the people like us.

When a disaster occurs, each one of us thinks what can be done, or whenever we meet an unjust behavior we want to eradicate it. In Mavi Kalem we are here to do it together through mutual support of one another.

Volunteering is a multi sided relationship: while sharing what we have, we have new experiences; we reach people that we haven’t tried to connect before and get the chance to know the worlds of others. While volunteering, we experience mutual learning process with co-workers and the people, out of our organization, we work with. We pass through these processes as much as we want to perceive and we want to share.

Volunteering may create a difference in our lives as we have face to face relationships and horizontal communication lines and as we accept each other’s right to decide without otherizing.

This is the right time for solidarity. There is a lot to do for each one of us.