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Working Perspective

Mavi Kalem is an organization formed within the humanitarian aid movement that started in the earthquake zone. Our goal is to offer support according to what the need is since the day we were founded. We believe that we can do this in the most effective way by being a part of the region and the group we aim to support. For this reason, we aim to establish a relationship of trust by meeting everyone in the regions we are in, from the local government to the neighbor. We design our work together with the target group in order to provide support for the existing need and shape our work according to their feedback at every stage.

Being a part of all we do means adding something to ourselves as much as we support others. For us, “humanitarian aid” means mutual interaction and solidarity. While we support people in need to reach their rights and meet their needs, our communication with them adds a lot to us. With the work we do at Mavi Kalem, we support our own development and open up space for the things we want to do. In addition to the needs of the target group, the skills and motivations of the employees are also effective in shaping the work we do. This is why Mavi Kalem gives the message “Add Your Color to Life”.

At Mavi Kalem, we aim to create a colorful life with the colors added by many people, and we attach great importance to collaborative work. We establish partnerships with other institutions and organizations to reach more people, strengthen solidarity and unity, and mutually support each other with our perspective and experience. At Mavi Kalem, we work in teams with our colleagues from different fields who have different perspectives.

We attach great importance to the efficient use of resources and transparency in all aspects of our work. We take care to evaluate the impact of our work, to build our work on solid foundations and to make these things visible both to share our experiences and to present ourselves correctly.

Another very important issue for Mavi Kalem is gender equality. Mavi Kalem aims to support women in its work and also prefers female employees to support women’s employment and strengthen the female perspective. Alongside gender discrimination, there is no place for judicial and marginalizing styles and attitudes; ethnic, religious, sexist and similar discriminatory perspectives; violence and hate language in Mavi Kalem.

Mavi Kalem does not define itself in terms of political, religious or ethnic identities. It is a party on freedom, human rights, democratic rights, health rights, gender equality, women’s rights, rights of LGBTI + individuals, children’s rights and prevention of discrimination.