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On-the-job support visits to non-governmental organizations have started

We are working to strengthen local non-governmental organizations. In this context, we organize meetings between organizations that allow sharing of knowledge and experience, thinking and learning together.

In the first step of these meetings, we hosted the associations we work with in our offices in the Marmara region and shared our knowledge and experience in our fields of expertise. Among the associations we hosted were Ermetal Teknolojik Eğitimler Vakfı (ERTEV), Eksi 25 Derneği, Malat Ya Şam Derneği and Mültecilerle Dayanışma Derneği (Mülteci-Der). In the second step, which started in July, we started to provide on-the-job support by visiting these associations in their own offices. We made the first visit to Malat Ya Şam Derneği, a local association based in Malatya that carries out support activities for refugees and people affected by disasters.

We came together with the employees of the Malat Ya Şam Association at their offices in Malatya on 13-14 July. Our capacity building, monitoring and evaluation manager and social workers made the visit. During our visit, we shared our knowledge and experiences in line with the needs and wishes of the representatives of the association. The main topics we covered were psychosocial support in the context of basic principles and basic humanitarian aid standards, psychosocial support in disasters and emergencies, activities with adults after crisis situations, individual psychological counseling process and reporting.

Together with the representatives of the association, we visited the container city of Malatya, where 2,600 containers are located and 12 thousand people affected by the earthquake are sheltered. We received information about the living conditions in the region and the ongoing humanitarian aid/support work. In addition, we talked about the works we carry out in the Hatay earthquake region.

Some of the feedback we received regarding our on-the-job support, which lasted for two days, was as follows: “It was a need-oriented training. Transfer of content was also good. A workshop was held in mutual communication”, “There were some information that did not fit, especially about reporting and intervention to the case. Thanks to the workshops, these questions were answered”, “The content of the workshops was very good. Everything we demanded came to fruition with this meeting”, “It was very useful because the training was not only a lecture but also a good discussion”, “The topics of the workshop were productive and the way they presented the topic was also good. It met our needs”.





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