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MaviKalem Melodika Group gave a concert

MaviKalem Melodika Group gave a concert

Zahide, Rayan, Ruhaş and Lava, who have been regularly participating in our music events and playing melodica for years, took part in the İklim için Bizimle Söyle (Sing for Climate with Us) concert of Mavi Nota Halk Türküleri Topluluğu.

Melodika Group, which was formed in the art-themed psychosocial support activities we conducted online during the pandemic period, has been continuing its activities since then. The activities are carried out by Hayriye Hülya Kazancı, a Folk Dance and Folk Music Specialist, who is an art instructor at MaviKalem. Mavi Nota Halk Türküleri Topluluğu, of which Kazancı is a member invited our Melodika Group to their year-end concert on June 14th.

Zahide Battal, Rayan Battal, Ruhaş Nabo and Lava Abdalo, who make up the Melodika Group, took the stage at the concert held at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Cem Karaca Cultural Center. Opening the concert, Melodika Band played the pieces Bulut OlsamKöyümüz, 9. Senfoni, Dere Geliyor Dere, Yörük Ali and Für Elise.

After the concert, they expressed their feelings as follows: “We were very excited. We worked hard before, and sometimes we got tired, but it was a very good concert. I thank our teacher very much.”, “We gave such a concert for the first time and we got excited. We learned new things. This made me very proud”, “I was very excited and emotional behind the stage. But once we got on the stage, all that passed. I am very happy to do something like this”, “We were very excited before the concert. We did breathing exercises. I was very touched. I thought maybe I couldn’t. But when we got on stage it was very easy and we did it”.

Their families, who have been supporting their musical studies for years, did not leave the children alone at the concert. After the concert, they also expressed their feelings as follows:

“Before I went to the concert, I was so excited that my daughter would be in a place like this for the first time. When my daughter took her first steps to the concert, I felt like crying. Because we have been in this country for 10 years and we have received such attention for the first time. The fact that they cared this much about my daughter… I felt that there was no difference between us. We were all the same. I felt like in my own country. Everything was very good and all went well.”

“I was so happy that my daughter played so well. You know, we are foreigners, Syrians. I’m so glad to receive such attention and care. I’m so glad that my daughter gave a concert in this country and I thank this country very much. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this concert.”

“The children were very happy. We were also very happy to see them like that. It was a very good concert. Everything went very well. Thank you very much.”

This concert was born out of our art activities, which aim to inspire the children, to support them in developing in their field of interest and in establishing bonds. We would like to thank once again to Mavi Nota Halk Türküleri Topluluğu for their kind invitation that made this union happen, to Trainer Hayriye Hülya Kazancı and members of the Melodika Group Zahide Battal, Rayan Battal, Ruhaş Nabo and Lava Abdalo for their efforts.


You can watch the concert of MaviKalem Melodika Group from here:




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