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We support the strengthening of local non-governmental organizations

We support the strengthening of local non-governmental organizations

In order to strengthen local non-governmental organizations, we organize meetings that allow sharing of knowledge and experience between organizations. These meetings, which are called mentoring studies, create space for peer learning and considering the needs related to work together through field experiences. As the first step of the mentoring studies, Mavi Kalem teams welcome visitors from local non-governmental organizations in their project offices. Thus, visitors have the opportunity to observe and experience the activities of Mavi Kalem on site.

The local non-governmental organizations we provide on-the-job support are Ermetal Teknolojik Eğitimler Vakfı (ERTEV), Eksi 25 Derneği, Malat Ya Şam Derneği and Mültecilerle Dayanışma Derneği (Mülteci-Der). We provided the first support of the year to ERTEV on March 15-16. Then, on April 13-14, we hosted Eksi 25 and Malat Ya Şam, and on May 29-30, Mülteci-Der.

We held our meetings in our project offices located in Fatih and Esenyurt districts of Istanbul. We are carrying out the Gender-Based Violence Prevention-Intervention and Child Protection Project in Fatih and the Women Consultation Center and the Strengthening of Local Non-Governmental Organizations Project in Esenyurt. Association representatives visited both areas and had the opportunity to observe how we carried out our work.

The main topics of knowledge and experience we conveyed to the representatives of the associations during the meetings were the basic principles of humanitarian aid, basic humanitarian aid standards, psychosocial support in disasters and emergencies, volunteer work, awareness studies on violence against women, and case filing. In addition to sharing information, we reinforced these information by making applications. Visitors participated in our psychosocial support activities with women and children as observers.

Some of the feedback we received from our visitors regarding the events were as follows: “I got more than I expected at the workshops. It is very important for me and for us that the experiences that are not written in the books are described here”, “Such workshops increase motivation and encourage us to be more productive in our work”, “The design of the equipment regarding the content of the workshops and the ease of application made the work more enjoyable”, “It was very good for us that what was told was supported by practice”.

In addition to these meetings, we also support organizations with online meetings based on experience sharing. As of June, we will move on to the second step of the mentoring work. This time, Mavi Kalem teams will visit associations and provide on-the-job support. Efforts to support local non-governmental organizations will continue throughout the year with both visits and supervision meetings that include sharing information and experience about the associations’ case studies and activities.


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