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Newsletter / April 2023 / Women’s March 8th

March 8th has emerged with the efforts of women to make their voices heard for their basic rights. It reminds us of the struggle for women all over the world to have equal rights in every field and to benefit from these rights equally.

When we look at women from March 8th, we see many inequalities, violence and deprivation of fundamental rights. We can choose to see them and do something about these every day. We are among those who chose this. We do something every day so that women’s voices can be heard and be reciprocated.

Ninety percent of our employees are women. This is a result of our efforts to provide employment to women, to protect their perspective while working for women, and to hear their voices from within.

Majority of our work is women-oriented. When we say women-oriented, we are talking about work that focus on women’s needs and problems, while also having women in the focal point. We work together with women in every step of the way, from the identification of their needs to how they can be met, and the development of long-term studies for these needs.

We support women’s empowerment. We are not trying to interfere with their lives and problems from the outside. We create space for them to develop their own ways and methods of coping.

When we look at March 8th from where we stand, from the side of women, we see a lot of beauty as well. Courage, compassion, saying no to violence, resisting, having hope despite everything. How enthusiastic and faithful we are when dealing with life! It is this power that created March 8th. Perhaps the most important thing is to create an opportunity to see and feel this together.

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