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We conducted the second of our family meetings

We carry out many activities to prevent violence against women. One of these activities consists of activities we call family meetings where we give messages about the criminality of violence against women. In these activities, we bring together families living in Esenyurt district of Istanbul. The husbands, fathers, brothers, siblings and children of the women also participate. We invite families to eat together, meet, mingle and have a good time. At the same time, with the messages we emphasize, we aim to make people remember that violence against women is a crime in Turkey.


In this context, we conducted the second meeting of the year in September with a large number of participants. At the beginning of the activity, we made a short presentation introducing MaviKalem and the Women’s Consultation Centre in Esenyurt.

At the end of the presentation, we emphasized that violence against women is a crime and talked about our work on this issue. In this way, we aimed to open a space in the memory of men that violence is a crime and to prevent the violence that women have experienced or may experience. Afterwards, the families had dinner together, conversed and had a good time.

At the end of the activity, the participants expressed their feelings as follows “Thank you for this nice meeting. I wish for a society where there is respect and love between men and women. I would have liked more men to come to make it more useful. I hope to see you again”, “I was pleased to meet this association that supports foreigners and tries to raise awareness to help them integrate into Turkish society. I wish you good luck”, “The activity was very nice, and we were very happy to be invited. I hope to meet again on a trip soon”.

Until the end of the year, we will bring different families together once again with a crowded gathering.





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