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2020 Annual Report is Published

2020 has been one of the most challenging years in Mavi Kalem’s 20-year life. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, we have reorganized all our work and tried to get used to the pandemic. After working from home, we created environments in our offices where we can live with COVID-19. When we could not get together with our working groups, we started to provide counseling services over the phone. Later, we created the Mavi Kalem Consultation Line, which can be accessed from anywhere in Turkey and free of charge. With this line, our service area has expanded. We answered the questions of the clients and tried to provide them with the services they needed. We continued all our activities digitally. We distributed food and hygiene packages, tablets, internet packages, stationery materials. We have prepared the Women’s Rights in the Pandemic video series to explain the increasing vulnerability of women in the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the Child Protection Project, which continued throughout 2020 and that we adapted to the pandemic conditions, we aimed to identify the risks and sensitivities of refugee children and to provide them with the services they need. For this, we provided counseling services, case follow-ups and psychosocial support activities. With the Women’s Consultation and Solidarity Center in Esenyurt, which was opened in 2019 and was active throughout 2020, we aimed to create a safe space for all women where they can have a pleasant time together and seek solutions to their problems. In this center, we provided legal, health, and psychological consultation services to women in addition to general consultation that they can apply with any questions. With the announcement on February 28, 2020 that there will be no obstacles to the passage from Turkey to Europe, we went to the Edirne border region to support the refugees gathered at the Edirne border and worked in cooperation with the institutions and organizations in the field. We distributed baby kits to families who could not meet the needs of their newborn babies.

In addition to the details of our work in 2020, you can access the Annual Report where we talk about our team and financial situation, on our website:


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