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We Support Our Working Teams

We carry out capacity building activities to support our working teams both in their work areas and psychosocially. Our capacity building activities since the beginning of this year have been Arabic lessons, communication studies and art therapy.

Arabic Lessons

Due to the Syrian refugees being one of our main work areas, we attach importance to the Arabic language skills of our teams. Most of the team communicating with Syrian refugees can speak Arabic but cannot read or write. Some do not speak Arabic. In order to support our Arabic-speaking and non-Arabic speaking friends in this field, our sociologist friend, Mavi Kalem consultant, gives Arabic lessons.

Communication Studies with the Event Team

We carry out communication activities in order to strengthen the communication of the event team with the children. In this study, the event team regularly meets with Mavi Kalem communication expert consultant. They talk about how the events can be strengthened, the difficulties experienced during the implementations, solution suggestions and the tricks of communication with children. In addition to this work, the event team regularly meets with Mavi Kalem social psychologist consultant. Thus, we support and structure events with children in many ways. Mavi Kalem communication expert consultant also worked with the communication team during the transition to digitalization in 2020. It is planned to continue the communication work with different teams.

Art Therapy

We attach importance to supporting our teams psychosocially. With the pandemic, this need has increased even more. Our volunteer friends from our working teams participated in art therapy for eight weeks. In the art therapy conducted by two expert psychologists, our teammates expressed themselves through methods such as drawing, movement, writing and ceramics; increased awareness of their feelings and thoughts.

Feedback from our teammates:

L: It was a very good experience to dedicate two hours each week for my own good. The different activities we did in art therapy allowed me to gain new awareness about myself. Since my childhood, I had done very little drawing and handicrafts. This was very good for me and reduced my stress. Talking as a group, listening to the comments of psychologists and communicating with my teammates made me very happy.

M: With my participation in art therapy, I felt supported and empowered in many ways, especially psychologically, both in my professional and private life. I was very happy to have the opportunity to better understand and get to know myself and my teammates who participated in the therapy. I discovered ways to cope with problems and my creative side. It felt very good to express myself by using different branches of art in the work that took place during working hours and lasted for 8 weeks.


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