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Newsletter / March 2021 / Women’s Rights in the Pandemic Video Series

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued to provide consultancy and work with volunteer women through digital platforms. We have seen that the difficulties and inequalities in women’s lives increased even more during this period. This was not a surprising result, we have encountered similar situations in previous disasters. In addition, we faced these difficulties and inequalities in our own lives, as the majority of our work teams consisted of women.  Many studies conducted around the world confirmed these situations we see in our own lives.

The effects of gender inequality and gender inequality are increasing in disasters, and therefore women are more affected by the hardship caused by the disaster. Since women and disasters are our work areas, we care about working on the issue of women in disasters. For a similar purpose, in 2016, we held the Women in Disasters and Emergency Situations Workshop and published a Conclusion Book to draw attention to the difficulties and rights violations faced by women in disasters and to discuss this issue.

This year, based on the pandemic, we prepared four interesting animated videos that convey our messages in a simple way to draw attention to the difficulties and inequalities faced by women in disasters.  Our aim is to encourage people to recognize these situations, reflect on them and seek solutions. We prepared these videos in three languages, Turkish, English and Arabic, with the support of the European Union Sivil Düşün Program. By sharing on our Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and on our website, we aim to expand in Turkey and other countries.

We chose the topics of the videos from prominent inequalities in disasters, and especially the situations experienced in the COVID-19 pandemic: Increasing Workload, Restriction of Access to Women’s Health Services, Increasing Violence, Limitation of Livelihoods.

You can watch the videos from the links below.

Increasing Workload:

Limitation of Access to Women’s Health Services:

Increased Violence:

Restriction of Access to Livelihoods:

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