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Child Protection Project Is Broadening and Advancing

Child Protection Project Is Broadening and Advancing

Our project, which aims to provide better access to qualified child protection services for refugee children and their families and to strengthen children, families and society, continues to grow.

Within the scope of the project, we address the major child protection issues faced and encountered by Syrian and non-Syrian refugee children in Istanbul, including unaccompanied and separated children focused on problems of child abuse, exploitation, child marriage and child labor cases. In the protection offices we have established in Fatih and Zeytinburnu, we work in the areas of “protection” and “empowerment” aimed at the establishment and functioning of the community based child protection structure.

wcocuk-koruma-programiOur Child Protection Project team consists of experienced and skillful social workers who speak Arabic, Turkish and English. Throughout the project period, we are conducting  Individuals Below 18 Years Old Are Children Campaign in order to raise awareness for the risks faced and encountered by children and young people, mainly aimed at child marriage and child labor. Our campaign, which emphasizes that every individual under the age of 18 is a child, asserts that children have the basic rights just like all other individuals in the society.

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