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We talked about the effect of the play The Adventures of a Family Father on men on TRT Radyo1

MaviKalem was a guest on the Günebakan programme broadcast on TRT Radyo1 on 12 October. In the programme, we talked about the mobile game “Adventures of a Family Father” (2021) produced by MaviKalem and the Game Impact Analysis Report (2023) on its impact on men. MaviKalem Board Member, Social Psychologist and Project Consultant Tiraje Zeynep Yüregir participated in the programme.

“We wanted them to experience gender equality in a virtual world”

Yüregir, who took part in both the development process and impact analysis process of Adventures of a Family Father, the first mobile game for men developed by a non-governmental organisation on the theme of gender equality, said the following: “This is a mobile phone game for men that we created as a team during the pandemic. In this game, we wanted men to experience gender equality in a virtual world. It is an awareness raising activity. They see which choices they make in the game, how their scores increase and how they achieve more gender equality. In the game, almost every situation that can be experienced in a family is addressed. Should the woman work or stay at home, should the child work or go to a course, should the girl get married or stay at home…”

“Now we make decisions together with our spouses”

Stating that they encountered positive results in the impact analysis studies conducted on the men who played the game, Yüregir said, “This game was a game that really affected awareness. We saw that they adopted gender equality more. For example, in the first meeting, the participants, who claimed that men make all the decisions in the family – which was the majority – later said that we now make these decisions together with our wives. They gave examples from their own lives. Regarding their wives’ work, especially Syrian men first said that a woman’s place is at home, she takes care of the house, but in the second focus group discussion, they said that our wives also work from home, and we even found jobs where they can work from home. We see the same thing among Turkish men. They started to explain with one-to-one examples that they decide on the education of their children together with their wives.”

You can read the Game Impact Analysis Report, which we prepared in Turkish and English, from the links below.

You can read the Game Impact Analysis Report we prepared in Turkish and English here.




To download the game Adventures of a Family Father:




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