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Our continuing work and observations in Hatay

More than a month has passed since the earthquakes. During this period, humanitarian aid efforts increased in earthquake areas. There is still a lot of need and uncertainty about the future, but the survivors are starting to rebuild their lives with little routines.

As of February 26th, we established a container office in the Derince neighborhood of Hatay. This office provides us with a fixed point of contact and support in the earthquake area, but we continue our work by going to the places where the people that are affected by the earthquake stay. We visit tent groups that people set up with their own efforts, especially outside the tent areas, in the neighborhoods, on the streets, and in the gardens. We distribute supplies and conduct interviews with women. As a result of our interviews, we learn about the ongoing or new needs that women state for themselves and their families, and we shape our work according to these needs.

We gathered our work from February 26th to March 14th in a new report. In this report, you can find our impressions on the experiences and basic needs of the people in the places we work in Hatay, the needs expressed by women, the situations that require solutions, and observations about the affected population’s ways of coping with the problems.

You can access the full report here and through the link below.


Hatay Report – March 14th


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