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How would a game support the empowerment of women and girls?

The Family Man is a game about the adventures of a family consisting of father, mother, elder daughter, elder and young sons and baby girl. The game is designed for men and progresses as the father character makes choices that shape the life of the family members. The person playing the game has to consult other family members while making these choices in order to get a high score, that is, to be successful in the game. Here lies the secret.

Adventures of a Family Man includes many story arcs such as mother’s participation in the workforce, elder daughter’s getting education, father’s parenting responsibilities, domestic violence… Every piece is designed with a gender equality approach and aims to increase the awareness of the player on this matter. The game targets men who are family men or family man candidates in real life. Family men who play the game over and over to improve their score find that they can make different decisions in the face of the same events. Family Man Game aims to show the player what different options and choices may bring to the family and pave the way for change in their lives.

Over the years, our work with women and girls has shown us that men should also be involved in the empowerment of women and girls. We have started to work with men with the Male Participation for Women’s Empowerment workshop series in 2018 and we continue with the Family Man game.

Family Man was designed and developed by Mavi Kalem in 2021 and became the first mobile phone game for men to be developed by a non-governmental organization.

This adventure is calling you too!



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“Adventures of a Family Man”, the first mobile game developed for men in the world by a non-governmental organization, Mavi Kalem, was supported by UNHCR.


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