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ToTs of our ‘Women Write Beautiful Stories’ Project Started

We have developed a tool consisting of a set of materials that will enable the transfer of information from woman to woman on violence against women. We aim that the NGO employees, municipal employees and volunteers working with women, to implement this tool in their own work or with small groups of women around them.

Every woman can easily use these materials, however, it will be more effective if they start using them with ToTs  to share the purpose of our project and our general perspective in implementation. Women participating in the training are given both implementation materials and examples of implementation guides and brochures.

We gave the first ToT to our teammates who work on gender-based violence in different projects of Mavi Kalem.

We planned the second ToT for Syrian refugee women. We translated the implementer’s guide and brochure we prepared into Arabic and implemented the training in Arabic.

We cooperated with Adana Seyhan Municipality for the third ToT. We conducted it with the employees and volunteers of the Seyhan Municipality Women’s Solidarity Center.

The women who received the ToT began to implement the information conversation with other women around them. In this process, we provide supervision support to implementers. We participate in the rehearsals of our implementer friends and attend as observers in their implementations.

The ‘Women Write Beautiful Stories’ project was the realization of a method that we have been working on for a long time on different themes. It is the support of the Irish Embassy to the project that has enabled us to develop and disseminate a very valuable/important tool for us.

Our ToTs continue. If you would like to participate in the ToT or have your teams take this training, contact us via the mail and let’s schedule.









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