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Newsletter / March 2022 / Adventures of a Family Man

In the Covid-19 pandemic, we have developed a game for men by making use of digital tools.

Adventures of a Family Man is a mobile game designed and developed for men, by Mavi Kalem. This game was designed and created with the teams of Mavi Kalem and TCA Games with the consultancy of two sociologists, a social psychologist, and a doctor. While planning the promotion strategy of the game, it was our priority to ensure the active and high participation of the target group. Therefore, the sensitivities of the target group shaped our boundaries. Family Man game is one of the rare games created by non-governmental organizations.

The family in the Family Man game consists of father, mother, older sister, older brother, child and baby. In the game, the father is expected to make decisions that affect his family in daily life and that will shape the lives of family members. The father can consult family members while making these decisions. Scores in the game are calculated based on the importance that the father attaches to the family’s education, participation in economic and social life, the financial situation of the family and the stress levels of the family members. Players can gain different scores by making different choices each time they play. The aim of the game is for the player in the role of the father to experience these different options and outcomes by playing them over and over.

We started to popularize the Family Man game, which we published in 2021, both on social media and through community volunteers. As we enter 2022, it has already added many more people to its world by reaching more than 1000 downloads. This year, we will continue to organize joint events with different institutions, as well as sharing the game on social media, in order to announce the game to more people and enlarge this world.

We invite you to the colorful world of the Family Man game, which has Turkish and Arabic language options. To download and play the game, you may refer to the links below:

Google Play:

App Store:

You can also follow the scores of different players and our social media accounts where we promote the game:


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