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Newsletter / January 2022 / The Promising Story of The Rabbits on the Moon

Rabbits on the Moon is a children’s book that contains many themes such as disaster, migration, hope, solidarity and empowerment. It tells the story of rabbits who are separated from each other as a result of a disaster and cannot be reunited for generations.  It includes perseverance, solidarity, peace, as well as distance and hostility. We sponsored the Turkish and Arabic printing process of Rabbits in the Moon to support children’s literacy adventure. In our activities, we read the book together with children and support their reading habits and creativity.

In 2021, we held many events where we read Rabbits on the Moon. The children who attended the events listened to the story with interest, and they eagerly answered the questions we asked, stopping in between to make sure everyone could follow along throughout the reading. At the end of the book, they added a story to the story with their observations and comments. Some said that they also have friends like NuN and that they can share this story with them. They observed that the rabbits were very similar to each other, only differing in skin color and language. One of them commented that NuN wanted to cross over to “discover the truth”. A few said they wanted to embark on a journey like NuN. We delivered Rabbits on the Moon to a total of 420 people, including children participating in these events and different events, our members and the institutions and organizations we cooperate with.

The book Rabbits on the Moon was written by Turkish author Sabri Safiye, illustrated by French artist Claude Leon, translated into Arabic by Engy Nouhy. Mavi Kalem also supported its publication. Thank you to everyone who wrote, drew, read and shared Rabbits on the Moon.

Institutions and organizations that want to use Rabbits on the Moon in their events can contact us.


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