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Living with Corona / Working with Corona

Living with Corona / Working with Corona

The virus named Covid-19 which belongs to the Corona strain and which first appeared in China’s Wuhan city in December has spread to many countries.

The first Covid-19 case in Turkey was detected on March 12th. It has also been detected in European countries such as Italy and Germany, and Middle Eastern countries like Iran.

Following the detection of the first case, the precautions and notifications relating to the virus reached its highest rate in Turkey.

Schools are suspended for a week and it has been declared that the online education system will take place afterward. Many institutions and organizations have cancelled or postponed their activities and meetings.

Considering on the one hand the daily pace of life and our workplaces, on the other hand our teammates and their families, we made a plan that would least disrupt our routines while also protecting everyone.

Managing the processes of potential contact with and the protection from Covid-19 with information and precaution rather than fear, would protect us and the people around us.

Mavi Kalem shared its informative and protective efforts with the whole working team and took the following measures in all the offices:

  • The common areas, especially the ones that are subject to frequent physical contact like doors, buttons and phone receivers are regularly disinfected.
  • The necessary information, motivation and supply for handwash are increased.
  • The usage of paper tissue is encouraged; the lidded bins necessary for throwing the tissue right after usage are set in every working area.
  • Informative visuals about handwash and the usage of paper tissues are visibly hanged on the office walls.
  • Informing the women, children and men who visit Mavi Kalem offices about the virus and the measures of precaution has begun and is continuing.
  • The offices are regularly ventilated with open fresh air.
  • Informative content about the usage of masks and gloves are visibly hanged on the office walls.
  • Informative content regarding the importance of a well-balanced diet and sleep to strengthen the immune system are made visible around the offices.
  • Mavi Kalem’s working team and beneficiaries are regularly informed about the virus.
  • The gathering events at Mavi Kalem offices scheduled for 16-20 March are postponed for a week, but the consultation services continue.

For details regarding the spreading Corona virus, you can follow-up the information shared by World Health Organization (WHO), The (Republic of Turkey) Ministry of Health and Turkish Medical Association.

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