Monday , September 20 2021
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What is happening at the Consultation Line?

In this pandemic period, especially in order to support vaccination, we ask all clients who call the line about the vaccination status of individuals living in the household and whether they need support for vaccination appointments. We get their opinions on vaccines and explain the importance of immunization with vaccines ...


What are the activities with children?

  We get together with children every week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at events with specific themes. These events range from learning to play a musical instrument to handicrafts and COVID-19 information. With the activities we organize, we aim to both support the psychosocial well-being of children and ...


-18 is a child, not a mother

“In order to change the society, one must start with herself. If you don’t get your daughter married before the age of 18, if I don’t, if she doesn’t, then when other families look for girls for their children, they won’t be able to find anyone under the age of ...


Newsletter / March 2021 / Material Distribution

With the continued impact of the pandemic, it has become difficult for people to reach many basic needs such as health, nutrition and livelihoods.  Within the scope of COVID-19 protection measures, many business areas have been partially or completely shutdown.  This situation increased the number of unemployed people. We followed these processes ...