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Newsletter / April 2023 / Our Work in the Earthquake Region

We have been in Adana and Hatay since February 13. From the first day of the earthquakes, we learned about the needs in the earthquake region from our friends who lived in Adana and Hatay and who were also affected by the disaster, and we provided materials for these needs. After we went to the region, we met many women there and distributed the materials we had. We learned their needs from them, and we shaped our material support according to their statements. We distributed drinking water, underwear materials, baby food, diapers and hygiene materials, which are the most urgent needs of women and children and are constantly used.

In addition to the tent areas, we carried out our work towards the families who have set up tents in the neighborhoods, streets and gardens where the support has reached less. We visited many neighborhoods such as Büyük Dalyan, Narlıca and Serinyol. By talking to women, we tried to be an ear to which they could pour out their hearts and to meet their needs with the materials we had. All of these efforts can be explored from the reports we have published.

Our container office was established in Antakya on February 25th and started working. Thus, a few people from Mavi Kalem teams are always in the region and they continue both the distribution of the needed materials and their psychosocial support activities according to their expertise. Through our office, we can also establish regular contact with national and international humanitarian organizations working in the region.

Hundreds of people, national and international institutions supported these works. With their contributions, we were able to create a workspace and team that could support the women and children affected by the earthquake in the long run while responding to urgent needs.


Our donors;

Global Fund for Children

Adventis Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)

Kreuzberger Initiative gegen Antisemitismus e.V (KIgA)

Global Giving

Acar Toptan Market Ozan Acar

Eugster Frismag Workers

We thank the above and hundreds of individual supporters whose names we cannot list individually.

You can reach us here to support our work.


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