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Pandemic Measures and Tracking in Our Working Teams

COVID-19 pandemic measures continue with the vaccination process. We continue the measures and follow-ups we apply in our offices. Thanks to these applications, we prevent the spread of the disease in our offices by directing our teammates who show symptoms of COVID-19 to health institutions. The Pandemic Protection Committee, which we established to manage these measures and follow-up studies, monitors the process from different perspectives:

  • Following the regulations introduced by the decision makers/government and adapting them to our own work and needs
  • Being in the offices when the offices are open, observing as a guard at the pandemic prevention stations, following the implementation of the measures
  • Evaluating the impact of the measures we take with the working teams by holding monthly meetings with the project offices, determining how we can improve the measures that are deficient/inadequate in their implementation, and getting feedback on our practices regarding the pandemic.
  • Following up on the Health Tracking Chart whether any our teammates show signs of COVID-19 on a daily basis, whether they go to the doctor, if they are tested, the result and the treatment process.
  • Using this chart to report and record details such as how many of our friends had COVID-19 on a monthly basis, where they were treated, how many days they were in quarantine, and whether it was decided to continue working from home at the end of the report period.

The pandemic prevention stations in all our offices are at the main entrances of the offices as the first checkpoint.

Important elements of the station; pandemic prevention station supervisor, pandemic prevention station materials, informative and guiding documents, pandemic prevention station follow-up forms filled in by the pandemic prevention station supervisor and shared with the Pandemic Protection Committee at the end of the day.

The pandemic prevention station supervisor is the most important element of the pandemic prevention system. She is responsible for the complete implementation of the system, its inspection and reporting at the end of the day. In the weekly plan, a colleague of ours becomes the pandemic prevention station supervisor every day and only deals with the pandemic prevention station during that day. The pandemic prevention station supervisor fulfills the workflow and controls specified in the “Mavi Kalem COVID-19 Pandemic Process Office Normalization Plan, Implementation Guide”. She is the first to enter the office after the office opening supervisor. When she arrives at the station, she first checks the material and measures her own temperature. Then, she measures and records the temperature of her teammates in turn, and directs those who have a fever above 37.5 to the nearest health unit. She distributes masks and keeps material records. She records the entry and exit times of our teammates and visitors. At the end of the day, the pandemic prevention station supervisor fills out the follow-up forms indicating that the follow-up and controls specified in the workflow are completed and share them with the Pandemic Protection Committee.

We spend the pandemic cautiously and lightly thanks to the informative and guiding articles hanging in the visible places of our offices together with the pandemic prevention station, individual health follow-ups on the days we work remotely, and the awareness that all these applications bring to our teams.

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