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Newsletter / January 2023 / Individual Psychological Counseling with Children

We provide individual psychological counseling and support to empower children and their families affected by disasters. Since 2017, we have been providing these services especially for refugee children affected by migration and conflict. Families as well as children need support in this regard, and most importantly, they need guidance in communicating with their children.

Behavioral changes such as introversion and outbursts of anger that occur over time in the child may be an indication that he is trying to cope with a problem. This problem is also related to the different circumstances in each child’s life and is unique. A child who is exposed to violence or bullying by their peers may feel vulnerable or display a show of strenght.

Not every behavior in a child indicates a typical problem, and not every problem creates the same behavior. Therefore, in the individual psychological counseling process we conduct with a child, we focus on recognizing his home and school life, background and characteristic behaviors and understanding the problem in the light of this information. We also work more with the family to support the child.

We need to inform the family/caregivers of a child in adolescence more about the period of adolescence and the unique needs of the child.

The individual psychological counseling service we provide with children starts with the child’s family or caregiver’s contacting us. First we get all the information we need from the family and inform them about the process. Then, after each meeting we have with the child, we care to have a meeting with the family as well. The attitudes and behaviors of the family and the communication they establish with the child are an important part of this process. During the interviews, we first determine what the child wants to tell his/her environment with his/her behavior and what problem this behavior is caused by. We are trying to ensure the acceptance of the child and family about this problem. Then we focus on understanding what the child needs to feel good and safe. We support the conditions and communication necessary to meet these needs.

During 2022, we provided individual psychological counseling support to 304 children aged 5-18 and their families.

The most common problem we encounter in children is ‘peer bullying’. Violent negative attitudes and behaviors among children are a problem that hinders their participation in social life and education. We work with children who show negative attitudes and behaviors from their peers, as well as children who show such attitudes and behaviors.

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