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We were in Narbonne/France in 17-24 of April 2016 for the International Network Meeting!


For Erasmus + the European Youth Exchange, we participated in the international network development meetings in Narbonne/France with two volunteers and a team leader. Roudel Association hosted this meeting whose topic was “Living Together: Differences and Identities” With 33 participants from Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Latvia and Malta, we did workshops about it for 6 days.

In these workshops, our primary topics were refugee camps and their problems which are discussed a lot lately. In a group work, we discussed them considering their positive and negative sides in company with a moderator.

By using Betzavta pedagogy, we designed our either 2d or 3d dream houses on an A4 paper using different materials. Then we put our houses side by side and we shared our dreams and expectations about how we can make the places that we live better and how we can live better with different people.

We talked to inhabitants by wandering around the streets of Narbonne. So that, we had an opportunity to learn not only their culture but also learn different people’s ideas about their hometown.

While we were doing these workshops, we tried to understand each other better since 33 participants had different cultures, religions and perspectives. Besides, we had an opportunity to discuss what else we can do through this network in the future.

Even though the participating organizations have different perspectives and fields to work on, we prepared workshops to find a common goal and to create sustainability of these meetings. In this way, we developed common project drafts for the future by improving our relationships with organizations in the network meeting.

. 23rd of April Festival

This year we made the 23rd of April Festival with 22 children and 15 volunteers on Balat seaside. We had a picnic and played a lot of games. Everyone had a lot of fun!



. Mavi Kalem participated in Protection for Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) for Managers Workshop by HAP International


Since the beginning of 2015, Mavi Kalem is a member of HAP (Humanitarian Accountability Partnership).

HAP International organised the Protection for Sexual Exploitation and Abuse for Managers Workshop in Beirut, Lebanon in 2-3 March 2015.

The training content was:

  • PSEA; Background and Context,
  • What is Abuse and what are the differences of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment
  • Organisational code of conduct
  • Complaints handling; policy and practice
  • Management of investigations; Managers’ testimony
  • Gap analysis and action plan

Mavi Kalem uses International Core Humanitarian Standards as a guide for all of  its work and projects.


. Do you want to be a volunteer to support Mavi Kalem children’s lunch expenses/materials?

screen-shot-2014-05-28-at-2-05-37-amWe are carrying out “Children’s Education Support Program” since 2003 .  We are realizing this program in two different periods as school period and summer period with Mavi Kalem’s volunteer team. Our children’s educational support program for 2014-2015 school year began on 11 October 2014. 25-30 children are participating in this program which is also ongoing at weekend (2 fully days). In our program we have been doing 21 different workshops / courses with our 35 volunteers.

2014 – 2015 support of children’s educational program will be completed by the end of June but we are unable to develop a resource for children’s, who attend classes, lunches. Even if just for the weekend, we want to support children’s regular diet. Monthly we need donation for lunch expenses, or you could prepare children lunch at your home and bring us in every weekend. This support would be also a voluntary opportunity. If you want to support children’s healthy diet; we would appreciate to you.

Thank you for your interest,

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